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June 10, 2022

Day 15: El Questro Station to Bindoola Falls

Start: 8am
Distance: 65 km
Ride time: 4:31 hours
Average: 14 km/hr
Max: 64km/hr
Finish: 2:35 pm

I started late because I wanted a hot breakfast from the shop. I also wasn't keen to do the water crossings in the dark.

I did the first water crossing okay. I was preparing for the second crossing when Kieran stopped and offered to help.

We put my panniers and bike in the back of his ute and he drove me across.

Thanks Kieran.
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Annie O'SheaHow very kind but that is the country way, thanks Kieran for helping out
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5 months ago
Boabs look like friendly trees.
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Escarpment pic.
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After 40kms I arrived at Pentecast River for the second time this day.
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This was an easy crossing with the water only a few inches deep. I walked the bike across without removing the panniers.

I wasn't sure if there would be water at today's destination so I filled up with 16 litres of water from the river. It was flowing slowly and was clear. I didn't filter it.

I noticed my back pannier was hanging loose.

It had lost a bolt.
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I've done 10,000kms touring with these panniers so I was a little annoyed it happened now. Perhaps the Gibb Gods are against me?

It was a quick fix with a cable tie.
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Sandra LawnGreat to see picture of how you fixed this with a cable tie
I have had this happen with the plastic nut fall off inside pannier but without the nut s gray fix

A good cycle tourer will always carry a few highly useful cable tours

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5 months ago
Annie O'Sheagood old cable ties.
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5 months ago
Vince McCarthyTo Sandra LawnThanks Sandy👍🏻
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5 months ago

I started a 3 or 4km climb. It was tough. At least it was bitumen. Most of today was on gravel. I walked a part of it because it was too steep.

Halfway up the hill was this lookout.
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At the top of the hill I see this happy sign.
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I did 64km/hr going down this hill. It was a little scary on a loaded touring bike and all of the water I was carrying.

Nearing the end of my day a car pulled up beside me and I was offered a cold drink.

Normally I'm a bit shy and don't accept offers. This ride has changed me and now I'll accept almost anything.

Katherine and Brad were kind and offered me a beer or a coke.

Kind people.
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Annie O'Sheacheers to friendly people
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5 months ago
Veronica JoinerWe found the people in WA very friendly too
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5 months ago

It was a refreshing moment on the side of a hot and dusty road.

Shortly after I arrived at Bindoola Falls. This isn't on the map, I only knew of it from the Wikicamps app. 

There was no road sign saying it was here.

It was a short and rough track.
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The creek wasn't flowing. 

This is the pool at the bottom of the falls.
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I climbed down and had a quick wash. I was scared of crocodiles. 

This was the climb back to the top.
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I saw this little guy on the walk.
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Bill ShaneyfeltGreat picture!

Some species of Agamid, possibly central netted dragon, but I am really not very familiar with Aussie herps, so the species or even genus could be wrong. However it is the closest I could find for an image match.
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5 months ago
Vince McCarthyThank you Bill. Sounds good.
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5 months ago

There are no other campers here tonight. There are lots of big flat rocks. There is only one small tree for shade.

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Today's ride: 65 km (40 miles)
Total: 716 km (445 miles)

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