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June 9, 2022

Day 14: Rest day

Today I did a 30 minute helicopter ride around El Questro Station. 

The helicopter could take 3 passengers. It was very small and had no doors.
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I sat in the front.
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I was a little nervous not having a door. Especially when he banked left.

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The pilot said there are salties in all of the rivers around here. Hopefully they won't be awake when I do the water crossings early in the morning.

The scenery was rugged and mostly dry.

We flew over the homestead which is luxury accommodation.  It can cost $3,790 per night! Wowsers. You could buy a good bike for that money.

The elderly couple camping next to me had invited me to go on a 3 hour hike with them this morning. Unfortunately I couldn't as I would have missed my flight.

In the early evening I hadn't seen my neighbours and I was worried. I reported them missing to the Station staff. Of course as soon as I did this, they turned up (7 hours late). They had some kind of car trouble.

Another camping neighbour told me they had to shoo the Station donkey away from my bike as it was trying to get into my panniers. Unfortunately there's no photo.

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