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October 20, 2022

Day 145: Cowell to Port Wakefield

Start: 8:30am
Distance: 82km
Ride time:  4:40hours
Average:  18km/hr 
Max: 47km/hr
Finish: 7pm

My goal today was to catch the ferry at Lucky Bay. I need to be there by 11:30am to check in. It only departs from Lucky Bay once on Thursdays. 

I left with ample time. I didn't want to miss the ferry because I got a flat tyre or had some other mechanical problem. 

Another great stone building in Cowell.
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The forested road to Lucky Bay.
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I arrived 2 hours before the departure time. I was happy with this. I had a coffee and read my book.

I had mistakenly booked my ferry ride for yesterday. When I didn't show up yesterday they called me and then kindly changed my ticket for today's trip without charge. 

It cost $40 for me and $13 for the bike. If I was in a car it would cost $184.

Arrival of the ferry.
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This is a John Deer 9420.
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Then I boarded and was stupidly directed to tie my bike to the fire hydrant.
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The ferry took 2.5hours to arrive at Wallaroo.
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I left the Eyre Peninsula and arrived on the Yorke Peninsula at 2:30pm. Usually I would stop riding by now but I needed to make up extra time due to my poor planning skills.

The wind wasn't in my favour as I had a strong crosswind. 

Wallaroo garden art.
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I passed through Kadina and saw some water tower art by Resio.

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There was lots of wheat fields on the Yorke Peninsula.
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A wheat farmer created a crocodile and a snorkeller from old chemical containers.  They were low down from the road so car drivers wouldn't see them, only curious cyclists. 

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Bill ShaneyfeltWatta croc! :-)
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An old church in Kulpara.
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This lovely downhill went for a few kms.
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I arrived in Port Wakefield just before dark. I had contacted the caravan park yesterday and was told they would be closed by the time I arrived and they didn't have room for me anyway.

I assessed a few stealth camping options and decided to camp in a long-abandoned mechanics workshop about 200 metres from the Liberty roadhouse. I'm sure it's been abandoned for 20 years or more. Maybe it was the original roadhouse. 

An alternate site is a small dirt area where it appears Winnebagos camp. It is only a few metres from where the road trains park. 

Now that I'm on the Yorke Peninsula, the road trains are back.
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The roadhouse is open 24 hours and I didn't want my sleep disturbed by trucks all night so I found a gap in the fence to my spot.

I made camp and then had a shower at the roadhouse. It's free for truckies. Other people are charged $5. I said I was on a bike and I think the lady felt pitty for me and didn't charge me.

The showers were locked and she was super keen for me to remember to return the shower key. I had left my wallet at my camp site so I handed over my phone as collateral that I would return her key.

I had a nice shower and a reasonable dinner at the roadhouse. 

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Today's ride: 82 km (51 miles)
Total: 8,689 km (5,396 miles)

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