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October 21, 2022

Day 146: Port Wakefield to Adelaide

Start: 8:30am
Distance: 104km
Ride time:  4:44hours
Average:  22km/hr 
Max: 35km/hr
Finish: 3pm

My stealth camp was good and I wasn't woken by any trucks. There were heaps of mozzies waiting for me when I got out of the tent.

The road had a good shoulder most of the way. Sometimes the shoulder would disappear for a few kms and I had to ride in the lane of traffic.

There were two lanes of traffic heading to Adelaide. I took this when there was no traffic. Usually there was lots of traffic.
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Thankfully the weather forecast was way wrong. I was due for a headwind and ended up with a nice tailwind. Wahoo!

The temperature was about 25C although to me it felt like 30C.

I stopped in the small town of Dublin for some good craic.
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And a cold juice.

On the other side of town were some interesting statues:

A rat drinking a beer.
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A big cockcroach.
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A tin man.
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A spacecraft.
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These were made by a local farmer, Stephen Jones, as a protest against the establishment of a dump in the late 1990s.

The dump still happened and the statues still remain. Apparently they are in the movie Wolf Creek 2. I don't watch scary movies so I can't confirm.

This hay seems to have been on the ground a long time.
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Further on down the road was the small town of Two Wells. It was named after 2 wells that are now next to the highway.

Originally they were used by the local indigenous people and later on by farmers to water their stock.

They still had water in them.
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A small olive tree plantation.
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A nice unnamed creek.
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I saw this sign about 30kms from Adelaide.
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The freeway was an indirect route, so I stayed on the Port Wakefield Rd AKA Princess Hwy.

The traffic lights had buttons for cyclists. I didn't need to use them as the traffic was extremely busy.
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I found this path when I was 18kms from the city.
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The path adds a further 6kms to get to the city. Even though I was keen to get to my hotel, I took the longer route hoping it would be more scenic.

At first, it followed a small creek.
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Then some salt water evaporation ponds.
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And then it ended in an industrial area. I ignored the sign only to find it soon ended in a construction site.
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There was no alternative route signposted. It was still 14kms from the city.

The traffic was insanely busy and fast so I rode on this dirt path for a while.
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After a while longer, I found a less busy road to the city and the traffic speed was a lot slower.

I still had to ride in the traffic because the city only cares about cyclist safety before 9am. 🙄
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My hotel is in the middle of the city. I arrived at 3pm. The traffic was very busy. They would blast their horns at every intersection (not directed at me). I was a bit overwhelmed  by all of the commotion. 

In hindsight I would recommend staying on Port Wakefield Rd and not taking the cycle path.

I was glad to get to my room and have a refreshing shower. The reception let me put my bike in the room.
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I went for a walk and found some chocolate. I think Haigh's chocolate is the best Australian (SA) chocolate.
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And some alleyway art.
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And a fine Belgium beer.
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I was back in my room by 6pm so I didn't get to see any Friday night life activities. 

Today's ride: 104 km (65 miles)
Total: 8,793 km (5,460 miles)

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