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July 4, 2022


Day 20 - First things first....Happy 4th of July USA!!!

Well, I decided to back off from the 61 miles today, to stop at the Linwood Campground on NS Trunk 4 West.   I passed this site on the way to Cape Breton so I knew it was close and could be a place to get out of the strong headwinds of the day.

The wind wasn't noticable on the trail as my Vancouver friends and I road the 20 km ride to the Canso Cauesway.   Maybe it was just the beautiful scenic views of the Nova Scotia mainland, that distracted us.

At the weigh station just after crossing the Causeway is were I sad goodbye to Tyson and his wife.   They are continuing on their 2-month journey.  They are truly Bicycle Travelers.  Thank you friends!!!

Onward .... Note .....

Beware Travelers:  The trail end  is in very rough condition - looks like it was washed out.  Since it is actual leading you to a dead end away, avoid it. There is access to the highway maybe 50 yards east.   It is a gravel road and could easily be missed.

Look someone made me a sign "Atlantic Canada Bicycle Tour 2022"
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Beware continued....

The Canso Causeway is certainly doable, but bring your safety awareness hat along and some luck!

There are two pinch points; the bridge is the offers the biggest pinch.    It is very tight when bigger vehicles are passing through.  .There is no shoulder!

You would think that "they" would build a bike path to accommodate the large number of bicycle Travelers who pass through the area. But....

The other pinch point is just after the bridge going east.  The road bends and climbs and there is no room for grace.  Traffic is moving fast and the sight line is zero.   

The Visitor’s Ctr is right there so you can pull in there and rest off the stress and get a map.

No Stealth Camping at the Visitor's Ctr. Photo: From last night's Gem spot. Shhhhh
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Tamora Stumanother cute little home for hubby.
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1 month ago
Keith A. SpanglerTamora and it was free …. Tonight’s is nice p, but more like the Hilton.
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1 month ago

I did not shot any images today, but I do want to share an email from my Quebec friends I talked about earlier.   I don’t think they would mind.  It shows how kind and friendly people are and the relationship that can be made.   I say this a lot on my solo adventures, I’m so fortunate to experience kindness and make friends on the road.

Email I Received:

hello Keith! What surprise did life have in store for you today on the road? I believe that the bike path in the forest will be gentle on your very busy body. it's my turn to thank you for the moments shared together. I still feel a lot of joy thinking about your arrival in Cheticamp, I would say our reunion. What a beautiful magical moment! Regent and I often have very good thoughts for you. We thank you for your delicacy in the face of our difficultly spoken English. we would have really liked to understand everything the first time. good continuity and we keep in touch.Take Care friend!
Régent et Sylvie 

Just finished up doing postcards. I hope you get one!
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Keith A. SpanglerThanks. Says a lot right
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1 month ago

Shower, snack, sit in the Crazy Creek recliner and have a campfire.  Oh, plan tomorrow's route. Hugs!

Good nite!
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Today's ride: 26 miles (42 km)
Total: 812 miles (1,307 km)

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