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Well, I have been planning on bike touring in Canada for three years now.  My plan was to explore western Canada, but COVID prevented it.   I still want to do that tour, people tell me it will be the most beautiful riding ever, but this year I am going to try eastern Canada.   

As always, I would love to have you Join me, it should be a beautiful Journey!  I plan on driving to Connecticut and visit my son Jason and his wife .  Then Amtrak to Boston and Concord Bus to Bangor, Maine.  Then, a shuttle to Bar Harbor to catch the CAT Ferry to Yarmouth, Canada.  If you are curious about the tour ask!   

Learn more about "Atlantic Canada" here:  Nova Scotia

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Daniel SpanglerSo much excitement. Really love what you've done with the page and the images you've chosen. I'm excited to be a part of this journey, somehow, someway.
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1 month ago
Keith A. SpanglerDan, I'll be happy to travel with you. I'll get you a set of flags to fly from your helmet or something.....If I get time I'll see if bikes are available somewhere.
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1 month ago