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Flag of Nova Scotia

I enjoy displaying the flags of the places where I tour.  The designs are always so unique - full of history and pride.   Think about the individual emotions felt when seeing the Stars and Stripes or the flag that bonds you to your special interests.

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Keith AdamsWhen we've toured in Europe, I generally fly the flag of the country in which we're cycling as well as the Stars and Stripes plus the Maryland state flag. I figure that, if nothing else, flying the flag of the host country will play (okay, pander) to their national pride and garner us a few goodwill "brownie points". Not that we've ever felt the least bit unwelcome.

On Bike South 2000 (a one-time 2,000 mile tour in the year 2000), I had a display of small state flags; each week when we entered a new state I'd add that state's flag to the collection. By the end I had all six: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

For my upcoming trip I think I'll fly Old Glory and the Maryland flag. Gotta get to work fabricating a mount for them.
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3 months ago
Keith A. SpanglerTo Keith AdamsKeith, I use a carbon fiber tent pole, one that has sections. It works really good too. When folded the pole can be stashed in my pannier. I glue the flag to the pole (wrap it once around the pole) and it works great. I attach the pole to the bike with duck tape and zip ties, or I use a plastic tube taped to the bike as a mount. Not my idea, I stole it from someone else :)
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3 months ago
Keith AdamsHmmmmm, tent pole. I think I have an old dead aluminum pole lying around somewhere that might serve.

In the past I've used a short piece of 1/2" dowel rod, attaching the flag with heavy wire (I usually file a couple shallow channels in the dowel to give the wire a better "grip". The dowel gets attached to the bike with zip ties or small hose clamps, depending on where I'm attaching it.

For this go-around I've already built a small gizmo to hold the tail lights; it's got a block of wood that serves as a spacer to extend the thing beyond the back of the rear panniers so that the lights will always be in the clear.

I was considering drilling a couple holes in that block to serve as flag mounts, and tightly friction-fitting the "flag pole" in there. Now I have some new ideas to ponder- thanks for that!
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3 months ago