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December 29, 2020

It’s cold enough for an Elmer Fudd hat!

The bicycle path equivalent of an interstate mousetrap. I have it figured out now!
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Flags do look better fluttering in the wind.
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Scott AndersonHey, I missed you here today!
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1 year ago
This is the only bicycle share station I’ve seen.
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My luxe limo!
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It is raining on Marilyn and Don to the north.
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Kathleen JonesIs that Marilyn and Don Swett that you mean? I miss hanging with them on that other site.
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1 year ago
Kelly IniguezKathleen,

Yes -that Don and Marilyn. They have taken up a new version of touring a la the Andersons' - the Swetts' have purchased a travel trailer and are traveling around at the moment, staying here and there for a week or so and doing base camp riding. I believe Marilyn's plan is to write a journal of their rides once their trip is finished. They are actually here in the Tucson area, but we are not getting together because of COVID.
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1 year ago
This is the COVID theme of the year - take the scenic route. The regular path is closed, it doesn’t matter if you want to take it or not.
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Rain was in the forecast for all night and until noon today. We planned to sleep in. Imagine my surprise to wake up and see blue skies outside. I had better get ready to ride! It's correct that I had blue skies, but it was still cold. I stopped within a mile to add my ear warmers. Brrr. Our motel is on a busy section of the path, yet I saw virtually no one. The yellow velomobile passed me at mile three. I'd estimate perhaps 5-6 bicycles passed me in the first ten miles and only a handful of walkers. It was 50 degrees when I left the motel. One of the first people I saw had on an Elmer Fudd hat! That shows you how cold it is by Arizona standards. The clerk at the motel told Jacinto she could tell he wasn't from Arizona because he was still wearing shorts and sandals. I didn't tell her that he wears sandals in Colorado all year long. Jacinto walks in the snow like a cat, picking his feet way and and setting them down. But darned if he wears shoes unless he has to for work.

I headed south today. This was only my second time down to Valencia Road. There aren't as many chances to get lost and I did well on time. I had a slight headwind, but clicked the miles off nicely. 

Lack of walkers and cyclists was the story of the day. I didn't get to do as much people walking. I saw that velomobile, but no other recumbents of any sort. Two tandems. One dog in a kid cart along with a little girl. 

I got my miles in. The temptation was there not to ride (over) 42 miles because I didn't need them to reach my goal of 7,000 miles for the year. But I did set 42 miles a day as a goal for this journal. I'm in Tucson to ride and ride I did!

I had seen another townhome for sale - it just came up last night. I asked if we could see it today. It is located perfectly in my opinion, right next to the motel. The realtor called and said it was completely booked for showings today, the next available showing is tomorrow at noon. The listing agent is expecting 6-8 offers today. What a market. I give up. We didn't even go see it . .  . there's always motel rooms or airbnb's.

We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse (gift card!), which prompted Steve to tell us to be careful as 'everyone' he knows has COVID. I was a little concerned how full they would be, but we were the only people seated in our section and the booths also had plexiglass partitions. It felt fine. The Cheesecake Factory is the restaurant we've been to that was the busiest. Even though they were only using every other table and also had plexiglass, it was a large restaurant and there were a lot of people inside.

We finished up our evening with a visit to Cold Stone Creamery. That was our ice cream indulgence for the trip. 

Today's ride: 47 miles (76 km)
Total: 525 miles (845 km)

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Scott AndersonI rode pretty much the opposite half of the loop today: out Julian Wash to Rita, back on Harrison, Pantano and Rillito. You’re right, it was very quiet, until toward the end of my ride at around 3. I did see the velomobile though - yellow, right?

I think the idea to forget about looking for a place down here until spring or summer is a good one. This must be the worst time to look for a property here.
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1 year ago
jerry witherspoonWell done Kelly; well done. Though I’m not in the ride for ride’s sake camp, I admire your resolve. Sorry Tucson is too expensive, but you know its best to revisit in July, then buy. Or not.

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1 year ago
Mike AylingKelly,
7,000 miles is a very respectable total for any year let alone 2020.
Well done!

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1 year ago