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We are in Tucson, baby!
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marilyn swettOk, hope this comment gets to you! Love that Saguaro!
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1 month ago

We are basing out of Tucson for two weeks, giving the area a thorough try out with the idea of retiring here. We were just in Tucson over Thanksgiving. That was a short tour which will be posted here as soon as Jeff can get to it. At the end of our most excellent tour, we left our vehicle and bicycles in Tucson with Hank in the overflow parking at the RV Park he is staying out.

This enabled us to take a quick flight back home to snowy Colorado, as opposed to a 12 hour drive. We didn't bring the bikes, but our stinky clothes made the trip. We felt quite smug as we took another airplane back to Tucson (with clean clothes on the return). We arrived a little late. In Phoenix they said our flight to Tucson was delayed because they didn't have a plane for us, but they were looking for one. Once they found the plane, then they needed a security escort for it to the gate. It was interesting they gave us the exact details of why the plane was late, as opposed to a generic, "Sorry for the delay announcement". We walked to the Hampton Inn next to the airport and waited for Hank to courier our van to us. 

The drive to drop Hank off went quickly as we talked more bicycle talk. He has given me a suggested route that I've marked out for day 3. Hank is a proponent of the full time RV life. He gave us a run down of the positives of nomad life. Hank wasn't interested in eating with us this trip. COVID has exploded in Tucson. All of the hospital beds are full and they are sending people to Phoenix.

We ate at Taco Giro - our third visit. Jacinto was ready for something new, but I was determined to have the Giro plate - which has 5 items for $17.99. The food was good once we got it, but the waitress took at least 15 minutes to come to our table. Service didn't get better from there. Perhaps it was a good thing to not have a good experience. Now I'm ready to try somewhere else. We aren't in a one restaurant town, there are all sorts of places to try here!

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Scott AndersonYou’re right, there are a lot of restaurants here. Sadly though, there are a lot fewer than last winter. Three of our favorites from our previous visits closed permanently this year, and others are closed at least temporarily.
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2 months ago
Rachael AndersonWow, we didn’t know about the hospital beds! We are being very careful. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep 6 feet of distance on the bicycle trails. Enjoy riding!
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2 months ago