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July 15, 2012

Day two rding: Pottawatomie SP to Ephraim to Peninsula l SP 

We retraced our steps and exited north over the bay thru the city of Stugeon Bay. It was a quiet Sunday morning and few were stirring on this bright, cloudless day. It was to be hot again but the only wind was the apparent wind created by ourselves. SB is a huge marine center; one of the largest fresh water boat cranes is resident in one of the marinas and boat builders there.

Really big lift!!
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We rode along the western shore of the peninsula for miles, looking at gorgeous homes that dotted the bay-shore drive. The road was tree lined on both sides, making for great cruising. It was the cool of the day and the almost constant shade made the morning so much sweeter than the hot afternoons we would experience. Our first town on this route was Egg Harbor. By the time we reached it Cal was almost bonked from hunger, so after an abortive stop at a little specialty cafe, we climbed a modest hill at a very crowded cafe and elected to eat outdoors. It had become quite hot by this time and we were the only occupants of the outdoor pavilion, but the meal eventually came and was quite good.

Wanting to cut the day fairly short, we headed north toward the Peninsula SP, near Fish Creek. Rather than ride busy US 57, we instead chose a parallel inland road that put us a little north of Fish Creek. Seeing that there was an entrance to the north, we continued toward it. We elected to ride down a huge hill first, that led into the town of Ephraim. A gorgeous little harbor resort town, we skirted by several beach areas, marinas, and sundry shops and stores, finally to settle into a nice little ice cream/snack shop just off the beach. This is a pretty area so several pictures were in order.

Ephraim Harbor
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Some ladies were eating ice cream at the beach so Cal sauntered up to chat, something he does quite well. (the world is a much smaller place for gregarious people!)

Cal and the ladies
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Unfortunately, while the bikes were unattended, s**t happens, and somehow the bikes fell over, claiming mine and Cal's. Mine was fine, but Cal's front wheel was bent pretty good and his computer wire was pulled from the transmitter head. I had no spoke tool but was able to adjust the brakes to the point that drag was very minimal; the computer was toast. The bike proved still able to allow finishing the tour.

Uh Oh!
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The big hill back out of the town being conquered, we wended our way into the state park and to the road office about a mile further uphill, only to be told that we had to go back to the main entrance at Fish Creek, thus adding an additional 7 hot miles to the SP. It was hot, we were tired, and a little chagrined.

Today's ride: 52 miles (84 km)
Total: 97 miles (156 km)

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