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July 14, 2012

Day one of riding.: Kewaunee to Pottawatomie state park

Our plan was to ride the Lake Michigan shore to the extent possible and so we started riding north toward our reserved SP campsite near Sturgeon Bay. The roads were genuinely flat and we found the lakeshore drive quite scenic. Eventually we were forced to ride inland and found the area quite rural and loaded with farms that are not unlike many thousands of others in the midwest. Our first town, about 15 miles away, was Algoma, a very pleasant, typically touristy type of resort town. It was indeed quaint and interesting. We posed for a picture with a couple of local cutthroats.

Shiver me timbers
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We found an absolutely delightful bakery at the edge of town and chowed down on local delicacies. Cherries are really big in this country; one sees them growing along side some of the roads. C. R. and I had a cherry fritter that was deelish. Nial got fresh with a local young lady here, the cad.

Nial being fresh
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Proceeding north put us in more rural farm country. There was little wind at this point so the cruising was going well. When we neared Sturgeon bay we had to figure out which bridge to cross to look over the other side. Before that, we rode by a local bike store where C.R. had his brakes adjusted and Nial bought a blinking light for his rear rack. The recommended Irish Pub adjacent to the lbs had a delightful lunch, and was made interesting by the bevy of young ladies who were the very excellent staff there. C.R. ordered the first of many Spotted Cow beers, a local brew only available in the state. We enjoyed hearing the college plans of our young waitresses and talking to the lady owner, who obviously had her business plan working well.

It got hotter in the afternoon as we crossed over the bridge to Sturgeon Bay. We took respite at a 3rd street ice cream store and I enjoyed a cherry cone. While there are few sturgeon caught in the lake anymore, the caricatures of them are everywhere.

The bay area is lower than the surrounding country so we had to climb quite a bit when we reversed our ride over the brige and proceed to the Pottawatomie SP. It was hot but scenic as we found our way via the short cut the lbs gave us. After set up I had to ride about 4 miles to register and get a tag for our site. Cal went for a swim in the Lake while I watched, but Nial and

C.R. decided hitting the store for cold drinks made better sense. The tent site allowed all four tents on it. I had pitched mine a little under the trees on the grass. A ranger came around just before dark and made me move it to a bare spot; go figure. It got still and very hot as dark approached and a small air mass storm was popping thunder. I wanted it to rain to cool off things, but we never got any of it on our tents.


Over the bridge
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Cherry ice cream anyone?
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Today's ride: 45 miles (72 km)
Total: 45 miles (72 km)

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Scott AndersonWelcome to CycleBlaze, Spoon!

Isn’t that bakery in Algoma great though? It must be the same one that is still here on the edge of town across the river. The cafe next door is pretty great too.
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