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July 13, 2012

Four in an extended cab: "my turn in the front!!"

Four of us, Cal, C.R., Nial and I crowded into Cal's Chevy half ton truck for the 700 mile ride from Blue Springs, Mo to Kewaunee, Wi. Two bikes were on a truck rack in the bed and two were on a hitch rack behind. Crowded, nah, not for real buddies (?) but this we had done this before and it worked reasonably well. Cal had previously had his hip replaced so had been issued a handicap parking pass. He kept using this whenever we parked, despite our derision, taunts and jeering. Must be a genetic defect. Sure looked funny seeing a truck loaded with bikes, four healthy looking guys hopping out at a handicap spot!

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This would be the very first self contained tour for the other three and the area was chosen to provide the best riding conditions we could find. It was to be flat, good scenery, paved roads and above all, a cool respite from the hottern' hell temps we were experiencing in the KC area. I don't have that many buddies who will agree to camp, so was wanting to cultivate these three good friends to accept tenting and cooking.

We arrived on the shores of Lake Michigan is a reasonable time, still daylight and plenty of time to find our commercial campground and get set up. We were looking forward to this little town, as we had heard there was to be a fishing tournament going on with lots of festivities. It turned out to be a lot hotter than was desirable, guess the temp was a very windless 85 to 90 degrees. While there were few mossies, the flies immediately became a biting nuisance requiring reasonable amounts of "Off".

Kewaunee kampground
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After set-up, we drove to a nice little pub that was recommended for a nicer than McDonald's meal. (today's preferred travel stops?) With full tummies we tried to settle in for the night, but boy were those tents hot.

All of a sudden a distant band started playing, loud and long, the worst kind of pop music one has ever heard. Here were the festivities, writ large. The band was awful, the vocalist was tone deaf and the drone went on and on and on and, you get the picture. A horrible night was had by all. Except Nial, he can sleep thru anything. Said he even liked the music! My breaking-in routine for the new touring buddies was starting badly.


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