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July 17, 2012

day 4: A loooong day

Up early but the hotel clerks didn't have the keys to the room where our bikes were locked; waited until 7 am for them. We had coffee'd, oatmealed and granola bared in our room so were ready to head out as soon as the bikes were in hand. I had left my cap, glasses and mirror in a room we had tried first so had to hightail it back to get them before we could boogie. Our plan was to angle directly across peninsula to Algoma, then on to Kewaunee where our truck was waiting. Didn't stop for much on this day as we were in a hurry to get there. We made an exception by stopping at that wonderful bakery in Algoma for another cherry tart. It was getting hot already so we didn't tarry too long.

We hit the showers as soon as we were back at the campground where we had stayed on the way up. Camp owner charged us but 2 bucks apiece for them but they were wonderful, though it was so humid we hardly dried off. We lunched in Two Rivers at a nice hotel/cafe that had expensive sea food, though it wasn't very good in our humble opinions. Pressing on, we chose to keep driving until we stopped at East Amana Colony for a late dinner. Cal had never been there before and wanted to experience that German food hospitality he had heard about. I don't think Nial had been there either. Much, Much, Much food was served.

After a great deal of discussion, with Spoon objecting mightly, we agreed (?) to press on to home in Missouri. Time passed fairly well and we arrived back in our beddy bys about 1:30 OR 2:00 the next morning. We were safe and sound, had a great experince and only spent a little over two hundred bucks apiece, including fuel for Cal's truck. Thanks Cal for its use.


Today's ride: 35 miles (56 km)
Total: 180 miles (290 km)

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