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May 20, 2022

T - 7: Friday

This afternoon I went to the doctors. 

I was a Bad Girl who didn't make an appointment but, unlike all the other times I forgot to make an appointment since appointment making became possible circa 2010, I did call in advance to see if it was okay to come by.

The main purpose in going to the doctors was to get Tylenol Cold & Sinus. Hainan is not one of the provinces which sell this over the counter without a prescription. When I ended up needing to refill on the 2020 Tour, I was in a place where it is OTC but  they required a valid¹ Covid test to buy. Simpler therefore to just have it in my bags².

I've also got a month's supply of Claritin to tide me over until a package from the US with Costco priced antihistamines arrives, a refill on my safety blanket³, and pills for the yeast infection I might get from too many back to back days in sweaty shorts.

No tall mountains this year so it's unnecessary to buy fresh inhalers to handle the clinical asthma that only affects me when I've got other breathing issues to contend with.

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In the evening I went to a newly opened bar on the waterfront promenade that has suddenly started filling up after 7 or 8 years of nothing. Yet another one of the camping themed places that has sprung up in the past year as newly well to do Chinese people discover the joys of sleeping outside, a beer costs as much as I'm planning on spending on many of my hotels.

Rather surprised to run into my friend David at the same bar's Grand Opening, both of us got to be supremely annoyed at a table full of wealthy Chinese who flat out refused to understand that "translator" ≠ "private English teacher" and we really don't care how lovely your primary school darlings are, we aren't interested in helping you give them an English speaking environment.

David does a much better job than me of not showing irritation but, with spoken Chinese better than most Chinese people, it was obvious to anyone who cared to pay attention (i.e. not the parents of a pair of kids whose private school tuition is nearly $15,000 a year each) that he really didn't like the way they were treating us.

Unfortunately, unlike him, I didn't have a boyfriend to show up and want to take me home so I had to stick around at least 30 minutes past my "I'm really surprised I haven't raised my voice yet" point.


¹ At the time defined as "past 7 days"

² Heaven forbid I somehow get Covid, it will also be nice to have a decent cold medicine to help with the relatively minor symptoms a triple vaxxed person is likely to get.

³ I am pleased to say that I've been sufficiently pain free this year that I straight up couldn't find where I put the Codeine.

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