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May 21, 2022

T - 6: Saturday

Setting up for sunset yoga
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My main task for Saturday was to attend a local TEDx event held out on the far west beach. The lecture topic actually sounded vaguely interesting but my main purpose in coming to this event was a combination of supporting the sports coach leading the sunset yoga and to schmooze and network with the Chinese organizers.

As predicted, this involved a lot of drinking, a lot of eating, and nothing particularly solid or guaranteed. On the plus side, although I really do want their business, my upcoming Tour gave me plenty of opportunity to play "hard to get" in an aloof and uninterested manner that likely got their attention far more than actually being interested would have.

A very attractive photo of Nathan
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Even though going to the beach has, after nearly 20 years on a tropical island, become the sort of thing I never do (sand gets everywhere), I know that the ability to not go to the beach and drink with friends will be one of the things I miss most while I'm on the road.

Quite randomly, as I'm leaving the event along with the other American and the Leasing Manager of a local luxury goods mall who somehow remembers what part of the city I live in despite my having zero recollection of ever getting a ride with her, we run into the owner of my bike shop out for a run and I learn that the new front wheel¹ has gotten all set up and, by the way, your bike is already on the way to Hebei and is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday.

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¹ Particularly since I have a lot of power usage in terms of videography, I've decided that a Very Large powerbank is better for me than a dynamo wheel.

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