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May 17, 2022

We are on our way

After all that pre-departure restlessness, the car was finally packed and the bikes fastened to the rack. We could go. I admit to being in a kind of daze the last two days, but that is nothing new. As before every trrip, I have everything organized and ready in my head, and then I turn into a zombie. I know I just have to put everything in the bags, no big deal, but I worry that I might forget something or that I haven't packed the right clothes for warm weathr or cold weather or rainy weather. On four different occasions, fortunately not all on the same trip, I have forgotten my bicycle shoes, a card reader to load my photos onto my tablet, charger for the e-toothbrush and charger for my hearing aids (without which I am helpless). At least I don't forget those things any more.

Last chores before we leave are getting the kitchen in shipshape and making sandwiches for the drive.

We won't starve on our way to Beaune.
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Ready to roll
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Kathleen JonesWhat a great shot of you two. Love it. Have a great time!
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6 months ago
Charmaine RuppoltSo nice you both can enjoy cycling together! You are fortunate! :)
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3 months ago

It's a short drive to Rastatt, it took only four hours including a congested part on the autobahn and a short break to stretch our legs. That's about the halfway point between home and Beaune where on Wednesday, if our stars are aligned, we will meet Rachael, Scott and Susan.

Rastatt makes a pleasant and peaceful impression on this warm day. Our hotel is near the Baroque palace and an extensive pedestrian zone. When we go out to dinner in the evening we see children playing in the pools beneath large fountains or zooming to and fro on their scooters across open squares. Rastatt's main attraction is the Baroque Residenzschloss, now lit up in the evening sun.

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Tricia GrahamIt is exciting reading the three blogs as you each approach Beaun !
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6 months ago
Keith AdamsTo Tricia GrahamYes! Who will win? Will there be a colossal, catastrophic five-bike pile-up? What will happen next? :)

I too am enjoying watching the convergence...
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6 months ago