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Breaking the Cycle

Pedaling against poverty from DC to San Francisco

By Gordon Brown
195 km (121 miles) over 30 days since Jun. 15, 2024
What? heart 8
How? heart 6
History heart 6
Why? heart 4
Why (2)? Solve by Numbers heart 3
Gear: Helmet heart 4
Gear: Gloves heart 3
Spring: Training heart 0
Training: Old Bikes heart 4
Training: March 5 heart 1
Thinking Small: Very Average heart 0
Peloton: Collaboration at the Top heart 0
March Madness: Exhaustion, Dejection and Hope heart 1
Her-story: Susan B. Anthony Loved Bicycles heart 2
Her-story 2: Annie Londonderry heart 2
April 7th Sunshine heart 1
Blue heart 0
How Haralambon cleaned his bicycle heart 0
Hunger, Freedom, and Tragedy heart 1
Short Ride in LC heart 2
Just for Giggles: Tuesday, April 9th heart 1
Coffee Ride heart 3
Short ride on the Raleigh heart 0
Earth Day heart 1
Greetings from Chicago heart 0
The Bloomingdale Trail heart 0
The Handlebar heart 0
Citizens: Kindness Regardless heart 0
Auburn trail: May 1 heart 1
Canandaigua: May 2nd heart 0
Rochester Event heart 0
Archimedes, Criminals, Housing heart 2
The Intersection of Cycling Breaking the Cycle heart 0
Training update heart 0
Sharing is Caring heart 0
Even Vampire Bats heart 0
Around Honeoye Lake heart 0
Off Road with Sean heart 0
Old Bike with my Daughter heart 0
To Darien: Heat, Humidity, Wind, Rain, Dogs and Hozier heart 0
Hozier Continued heart 1
Ignoring the Problem heart 0
Why (3)? A bit more real. heart 1
Cycling, Grief, Songlines, Jung heart 2
73 Miles on the Canal heart 1
The Purple Painted Lady, Turtles and Butterflies heart 0
The Logo heart 1
ROC 'n' Roll heart 0
R Community Bikes heart 0
Freire on Hunger heart 0
Mountains Beyond Mountains heart 1
The Ride Week 1: the good, the bad, and the ugly heart 1
Appreciation: Breeze and Trees heart 0
Wisdom in Winona heart 2
High/Low Lights heart 2
End of the Line in Pittsburgh heart 4
Water's a Commodity heart 1
Gearing Up in Chicago: Garmin heart 1