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April 27, 2023

Day 2

Willis, VA to Mineral, VA

I didn’t sleep very well last night despite the wonderful accommodations. I struggle with insomnia so it’s not unusual for me to wake up around 2am then stay awake for two or so hours. Of course this is what happened. I was hoping with all the exercise I’d be out like a light and sleep like a baby. But even staying in a nursery, that didn’t happen. Oh well, maybe tonight will be different.

Today was difficult. I started off around 9:30am and finally got to my destination around 7:30PM. Traffic was miserable for much of the ride. Narrow roads with no shoulder and cars whizzing by. I must say other than the one “GET OFF THE ROAD” yelled by a lovely young woman, drivers in Virginia have been very courteous. Usually giving me a wide berth or patiently waiting behind me on blind corners. When I finally got to a wonderfully quiet country road, there was a sign reading: ROAD CLOSED 1000 FEET. Seems par for the course today. So I backtracked a few miles only to find the detour takes me on the busiest highway of the day. 

I have to say I’m still marveling at the natural beauty of this state. Being from Oregon, I’m used to beautiful scenery, but this is also incredible. Beautiful lakes, rivers and streams. Expansive farm pastures and meadows. And so much history! Occasionally I’ll stop to read the information signs about a particular area and am surprised to learn about the incredible Civil War battles that have taken place exactly where I stand.

Physically, I’ve developed a pretty serious pain in my right hip flexor. I was worried  about this sort of thing as it’s troubled me on long rides in the past. I will experiment with my bicycle’s seat height, but in the meantime will need to take it easy tomorrow. Thank heavens for Advil.

Tonight I’m staying at the Mineral, VA Volunteer Firehouse. They regularly host traveling cyclists and because of an impending storm tonight and tomorrow, graciously let us stay indoors and use their facilities. Normally, cyclists pitch their tents in the yard behind the firehouse. About this storm… it’s supposed to be a doozy. Two inches of rain with thunder and lightning. Flood warnings for the entire area. My hip flexor might get the rest it needs!

Not many pictures today. Busy roads and discomfort were too much of a distraction.

These are the route signs for the TransAmerica Bicycle Route. Very reassuring when you see one.
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Dam ScottIt definitely looks nice over there.
Perhaps you've heard this before but have you tried rolling it?
The hip flexor along with your IT band along the thigh.
I hope you get to see a lot more beauty out there.
I'll be checking in here to follow along.
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1 year ago
Beautiful Virginia
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Shouldn’t be funny, but I’m a 14 year old at heart.
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My accommodations for the night. And my new friends!
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Thank you Mineral Volunteer FD!
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Today's ride: 84 miles (135 km)
Total: 146 miles (235 km)

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Denise FlinnHi Brian

What an awesome adventure. Stay safe and enjoy

Thanks for letting us tag along

Denise & Jim
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1 year ago