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April 23, 2023

Why would I do this in the first place?

So why would I ever think to do such a thing? I’ve been an avid cyclist most of my life and the timing worked out for me to do the ride of a lifetime. Because of the recent loss of people very close to me, I’ve realized more than ever before that I need to seize opportunities before it’s too late. I’m not getting younger and because I’m between careers with a VERY supportive wife, now is the time.

The route I’m choosing to do is called the TransAmerica Bicycle Route and it’s a well-established route mostly on rural country roads. It became an officially established route in 1976 and was dubbed the “Bikecentennial” route by the Adventure Cycling Association. There are three established routes to choose from and because it’s my first cross-country tour, I’m choosing to do the oldest and most traveled route. The TransAmerica route officially starts in Astoria, OR and ends in Yorktown, VA. Of course you can start on either coast and I chose to start on the East Coast and end in my own backyard. This will avoid potential travel hassles due to unexpected events along the way. There is also an option to start/end in Florence, OR and that’s what I’ll be doing. At times I’ll be alone but knowing there are between 2000-3000 riders attempting this same route, I shouldn’t be alone for long!

My route from Yorktown, VA to Florence, OR
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