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April 28, 2023

Day 3

Mineral, VA to Palmyra, Va

Today was very interesting. We knew to expect a storm, but really didn’t expect quite the amount of rain we received. Going to bed I thought, “I’m from Oregon, I’m used to a little rain.” Well, it was coming down in sheets for hours. Blowing sideways. Needless to say I decided to hold off as long as possible to continue my ride. 

Looking out the window of the firehouse.
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Yusuf (my new young friend) and I decided to go for it at around 3PM. Even though it was very wet for the first hour, it actually turned out to be very pleasant for the remainder of ride. No sun, but very little rain and pleasant temperatures.

We’re all packed and ready to ride in the rain!
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It was a short ride today which I think was the perfect thing for me. Yusuf likes to ride at a more leisurely pace than I usually ride. This combined with the shorter distance was the perfect medicine for my hip flexor. Traveling at this slower pace gave me a chance to talk a little more with Yusuf. He’s a fascinating guy. It turns out he applied to Guinness for a world record attempt for “world record for most chess games played while cycling across the United States.” He applied just before starting this tour, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for him! Not only is he a champion chess player but a very good guy in general. When I arrived at the fire station last night I wasn’t feeling my best. He was the first person I saw and he immediately asked if he could go to the store and get me anything. I said if they have any fruit or vegetables, I’d be very happy. He came back with four bags full of fruit and a bunch of other delicious things! When I asked how much I owed him he said: “just pay it forward.” What a guy.

My friend Yusuf.
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The ride was once again beautiful. Traffic today was much less and as usual, very courteous drivers. No incidents to speak of other than the pack of five dogs that felt the need to make us very aware of their presence. They weren’t really all that aggressive. Definitely more bark than bite. I do realize this is just a precursor to what’s coming in Kentucky and parts of Missouri. Areas well known to cycling tourists for the sometimes very unpleasant dog encounters.

Typical Virginia scenery.
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Tonight we’re once again staying at an absolutely incredible place. The Palmyra Methodist Church in Palmyra, VA. WOW!! They go all out for us traveling cyclists! Not just a “cyclist’s cupboard,” but an entire wall stocked with every conceivable goodie! 

All for us!
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And more…
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And more!
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In addition there was a manual clothes washing bucket:

Manual Clothes Washing Station
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Just another incredible display of hospitality. It was a good day. 

The church wifi was solid and I was able to do a FaceTime call with my wife, daughter and her boyfriend. It was very therapeutic but I’m starting to realize how much I miss them and how long I’ll be away. I do think this will be the most difficult challenge of the journey. Missing the people I love.

Palmyra Methodist Church
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Today's ride: 30 miles (48 km)
Total: 176 miles (283 km)

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