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October 7, 2020

I'm happy with a glass of wine in my hand

Well, I made it. I'm home, Kathleen made some beef stew, and I'm sitting with the stew and some wine, and my laptop. It's a lot easier editing this on a laptop than an iPhone and it's also much more pleasant with some wine. That, combined with my fatigue, and I may just fall asleep by 9:00 tonight. Which would be later than most nights on this trip (I mean, really - what is there to do when the sun sets at 7:30 and you're nestled in your down quilt?)

My camp was in the middle of a large field last night. I wake by 6:30 and by 6:45 I'm out of the warmth of my down quilt and packing up the interior of the tent. the sky starts lighting up and the sun finally breaches the horizon at 7:23. 7:41 my wheels are rolling - got to get going when you have a big day ahead of you.

Last nights campsite in a field
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If you like variety and spice on your cycling route, the Silver Comet is not for you. If, however, you prioritize a car-free adventure, then it's right up your alley. The two perhaps most scenic towns, Rockmart and Cedartown were on yesterday's itinerary. Today, I give you Brushy Mountain Tunnel and Pumpkinville Trestle.

Who doesn’t whoop it up in the middle of a tunnel to hear the echo?
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I reach mile marker 0.0 on the Silver Comet and have about 5 more miles on the Silver Comet connector into Cumberland. I'm holding out for Zöes Kitchen at mile 37 for lunch, and grab a "Protein Power" plate (grilled chicken and onions over slaw) and a side a grilled potato salad. It fills me up enough to tackle the next 35 miles.

Passing under I-295 and I-75 interchange in Cumberland. I wonder how many commuters know this is here?
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This is what I got away from. Now I’m back
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Riding though the Cochran shoals area
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I'm definitely back in the Atlanta suburbs now. I think the biggest clue was the automobile traffic. Big contrast from yesterday morning when I didn't see another vehicle or person in 75 minutes. It truly was rural. Even this morning in the campground outside of Rockmart I would consider it an "exurb" of Atlanta. there was vehicle traffic on the mile-or-so I traveled from the campground to the trail entrance. Not disrespectful, just people going about their daily lives as commuters.

I get to pass through Cochran Shoals along the Chattahoochie - a very wide dirt path about 2 miles which leads from Cumberland to Roswell, and onto Columns Drive, with massive ("perhaps they're over-compensating") houses. I have more video drive-by on my YouTube channel. 

By the time I reach the Alpharetta Greenway, I know I have about 15 miles to go. But I'm really feeling the 3 nights of camping, and the 200+ miles behind me. I decide to take a break; something I often do not do - the first place I stop is inundated with gnats, so I move on. The next bench I sit for about 20 minutes, giving my rear a chance to experience something different for a while and to get the blood flowing once again. 

Roswell river walk.
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I wasn’t performing today.
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Then, I have the final push home. Kathleen is in the driveway looking the other way, expecting I would come from the other side. I roll up the driveway, give her a hug, and lean my bike against the wall. Pretty much immediately she tells me I need to take a shower :-) I'm glad to be home.

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Today's ride: 72 miles (116 km)
Total: 249 miles (401 km)

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