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October 7, 2020

A Clif bar just doesn’t cut it for breakfast

Up this morning with the sun and packed up the tent and everything before the official sunrise. As I packed up I had a clif bar for breakfast thinking that would fuel me at least to (early) lunch. Not so! I had to refuel along the way. More on that later. I exited the campsite, warmer than I thought it would’ve been, and headed onto the road. My destinations this morning was Cave Spring Georgia. On my way there I Was treated to a beautiful view of fog lifting from the valley as I made my way to Cave Spring. 

Another one of those majestic rural chieches
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I call this one “Red barn in fog with gate”. Because, you know, it is
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I’m lucky I get to ride and see this on a weekday morning
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The route takes a direct route to the state line which means it passes through some gravel roads. For about 75 minutes I’m the only vehicle or person on sight - eerily quiet if not a bit disconcerting. If I had mechanical difficulty I would be walking quite a ways. I put it out of my mind and pedal on. 

Rolator park in cave spring GA
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At 11 AM I stop for lunch because I’m starving. Actually, I was starving at 10:30 but decided that I’d hold off until I could get to the silver comet trail head. I refilled my water had a peanut butter tortilla with a copious amount of peanut butter. Because of COURSE it’s a copious amount. I realize my bike touring appetite has returned. 

State line, where I wail on a peanut butter tortilla
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From the point across over the border it’s about 12 miles to Cedar town. There, I wander through the downtown area and discover a lot of closed up and sad looking shops. What was once a vibrant downtown in the 50s with stores such as JCPenney Belk Kroger, they all moved out to the suburbs and the malls.What makes this even more sad is that we are returning to the “downtown” in lifestyle shopping areas- just look at the shopping areas that are trying to re-create that experience with high-end shops so instead of using the real downtown areas we’re building a new downtown area which is not even the mall. It’s a shame we can’t just reuse what once was with its history of wooden floors, bowed store fronts, and lots of glass looking out onto the Main Street. 

It's not everyday you get to meet a member of ZZ Top....
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Cedartown turned their depot into a welcome center
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Just off the main drag is their Art Deco cinema. Probably will go out of business due to COVID if not out of business already
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Today's ride: 59 miles (95 km)
Total: 177 miles (285 km)

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