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August 28, 2018

Almost in Salzburg: Übersee to Freilassing

Since we are a bit off the route to Salzburg, Janos suggested a little shortcut, not the road we took when we branched off to get to our hotel. It was really nice - but it wasn't shorter and it did take us over a hill. However, it provided us with some nice photo opportunities, too. We are slow anyway, but our excessive picture taking is another reason why we don't plan too many km's for the day. We want to dawdle.

Again today lovely vistas, beautiful Chiemgau, maybe one of my favorite regions in Germany ... or maybe not, there are so many places that I love. And they are all hilly. That's just prettier in my opinion, and I even prefer a ride with hills, in moderation that is, to flat. When we ride flat for several hours, my bum hurts, my shoulders hurt, my hands hurt - either it's due to boredom or else the riding position is so static that there is never a change in the distribution of your weight. Whatever it is, don't send me to Hungary's Puszta!

After another beautiful day on the road, our day ends in Freilassing, just two kms from the German-Austrian border and nine kms from Salzburg, the beginning of the Ciclovia Alpe-Adria! At least we got this far.

Hotel Krone, where we are staying, is located in the pedestrian zone of Freilassing. It's all relatively new and the pedestrian zone is designed so that there are bicycle lanes on either side. Most car free areas in German cities don't allow you to ride through on your bike. Discrimination! Here in Freilassing they created a fine solution.

Enjoying the morning sun - and their cud
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Got a lovely view after our little climb
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Then we returned to the valley.
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What a day! Fortunately, the dirt path wasn't our route, we had a better surface. But this one made a nice picture.
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Beautiful carpentry on some of the farm buildings - see how the timber is joined and the use of wooden pegs.
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The blooming country gardens are quite amazing.
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We stopped at a bakery where they had an unusual bicycle stand.
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Hanging sign for the bakery - they seem to specialize in pretzels. But they're not bad at petunias, either.
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Just another idyllic scene - cows grazing, wayside chapel, balcony with geraniums - and solar panels.
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A bit of variety at the end of the day before we reach Freilassing
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Nancy GrahamI feel the same as you Suzanne about riding too long on the flat. nice (easy) rollers are much more comfortable l think.
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