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June 27, 2018

June gloom

I forgot to mention that the stretch called Devlis Slide, which was a terrible road to share with cars and trucks, is now free of all vehicles except bikes. Heaven!
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Near Pacifica
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Northbound rider
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Day one was from San Francisco to a resorty place about 15 miles north of Davenport.  Well to be accurate, from Daley City, which is west of San Francisco.  I took BART to get to the start.

BART (bay area rapid tranist) is like The Tube in London and The Metro in Paris, only smellier.  Still it gets you where you want to go, which for me was Daley City.

The day was pretty overcast and cold.  Still I am trooper, and as most you know I only complain about overcast skies when the skies are overcast, which is not all the time so you cant accuse me of complaining constantly.  Still, it was the first day of a bike ride so it wasnt a bad day.

Nothing too exceptional happened actually, aside from the northbound rider I met who seemed to be touring continuously. When I asked where he was going he started by rattleing off the places he has been, which was  all over the American west including many of the places I have been like Monument Valley.  So we compared notes and admired each others bikes, which is a must do.

At this point it was almost 6pm.  And might i add I am a bit plump and out of shape.  So I was suffering on all the little hills that I wouldnt suffer on if I had a weeks worth of miles in my legs.  But what can you do?

By the time I got to the campground, called Costanoa I was gassed, and cold, and hungry; but mostly cold, and tired which should have been obvious.

"How much is it to upgrade to one of those 'glam' tents?" I asked.

I have never Glammed, or glamped, or whatever its called, but they are like little cabins but made lf canvas with a real bed and a lot of blankets because its unheated, in fact one of the blankets is electric.

Call me a wus,  but i upgraded.  So sue me.  Then I went to the restaurant for an outrageously overpriced meal.  Now its bed time and I am warm as toast in my glam tent.  I could get used to this.

(I cant get pics to upload.  I owe you)

Today's ride: 50 miles (80 km)
Total: 50 miles (80 km)

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Steve Miller/GrampiesWise decisions made all around we would say re meal, camping upgrade, etc. It is not supposed to be a torture test, after all.
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3 years ago
Janet BeatyHow cool! You Glamped!, I will someday!
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3 years ago