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July 1, 2018

Day 4

Morning coffee brewing
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Bill ShaneyfeltI took a picture almost like that when I visited there about a month ago with my daughter who lives in Santa Cruz!

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3 years ago
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Kirk Creek Campground hiker biker site
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Day 4s are never kind to me.  You would think that I would do ONE bike tour and not suffer on day 4, but its just not meant to be.

I slept great, only waking once late at night when another touring cyclist came in and set up camp.  I assumed it was a touring cyclist anyway.  Whoever he/she was remarkably quiet.  All i could hear was the click click click of tent poles snaping together.  Did they actally ride through Big Sur in the dark?  I would have asked this morning but he/she never stirred from their tent, and I didnt get an early start.

I stopped at one of the many Big Sur restaurants and after a light breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, potatoes and 5 cups off coffee I was off.

It was a nice enough day.  A little overcast at times, but enough sun for a sunny gal like me but the ol'legs felt like lead. Still, what do you expect?  That's a Day 4 for you.  That's the day your body figures out what is happening and that this thing is for real and all hopes of this being a day ride are a fantasy.

Before I go any further you should know that I have a big decision to make tomorrow.  You may know that the road after Gorda has been closed for over a year due to a landslide.  It is scheduled to open in the end of July, but some cyclists have been waiting until evening when the guards go off duty and sneak across no mans land, because the road is complete they are probably just putting lines in.  I have been asking people about it.  One northbound cyclist I met did it and lived to tell the tale.

I am not against breaking the law.  I am guilty of multiple counts of pulling tags from mattresses.  But there is also the issue of the detour, which would be a new route to try and possibly even interesting?

I asked a guy at one of the information places about it.  "You cyclists should be put in jail," he said.

I almost asked if cyclists would be seperated from our bikes and put in separate detention facilities, but I thought the joke would be lost on him.

Anyway, I only rode to Kirk Creek campground and enjoyed it.  But I was gassed when I arrived, even though it was a short distance.

I checked into the hiker biker campsite and spent the evening watching the sun sparkling against the sea.  There are worse ways to end a sluggish day on the bike.

Today is Day 5.  I have high hope, though the route is TBD.

Today's ride: 33 miles (53 km)
Total: 145 miles (233 km)

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