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Best day yet

It just doesn't get old does it!?
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Recently build bridge. At least it looked recent. Brand spanking new in fact.
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Hike Biker Camp site in Big Sur
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Today was just about perfect.  I had planned a shortish day so I got a late start.  I soft peddaled through Monterey and up the hill out of town, its one of those that you swear at the whole way because it is really steep.  Well i got over that one swearing a blue streak and was riding on the flat section at the top that fronts the freeway, and down at the end near an intersection was a lady who said,"are you Karen?"  Well of course I am and said so.

Janet, another Cycleblazer, and I were trying to meet yesterday but it didnt work out.  Well this afternoon she was driving to work and saw me riding and stopped to see if it was me, which it was, because I am me.

We stopped for coffee and had a nice chat.  The thing that you need to know is that she and her husband have Long Haul Truckers, and Janet's trucker is green, just like the one that I had stolen.  But I dont think she stole it, probably.

Anyway she rocks!  Thanks for stopping Janet!

Except 5 minutes after I rode away I realized I forgot her pictue.  DAOO!

But here is one of her journals.

From there I set off to Big Sur.  I have ridden in Big Sur 3 times now and each time I find drivers pretty good and even pleasent.  The speed limit is relatively slow and people seem more calm.  Maybe its because a lot of them are om vacavion?  

I rode to the state park at the town of Big Sur where they have a great hiker biker camp set in humungous redwood trees that are, like, really old!  The trees are amazing!  And camping for  five smackers (thats $5 for my foreign friends) it cant be beat.

After setting up camp and heating up some Dinty Moore stew is was all I could do to keep my eyes open, so I didnt try.

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Steve Miller/GrampiesHi Karen, you have become a bit famous for me, especially after I read Heidi Ho. Anyone who has met Leo Woodland qualifies as famous, just by having fame rub off. That makes me famous too!

But I found it amusing to see you cruising through the territory of famous in their own right Janet and Jack. I think it's cool that Janet found you before you had slipped completely by and up to Big Sur. It's getting a little dated now, but this page

begins with our own Jack and Janet photo.

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3 years ago
Janet was so nice to meet you and share a few stories! Safe travels.

Here is a link to Cycle 365 I posted about meeting you. You are a Celebrity after all!
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3 years ago
Karen CookShoot! Now the pressure is on to not have a crappy journal ;-)

Thanks everyone!
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3 years ago