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Kathleen Jones

Hi all,

I'm downsizing our collection of stuff here at home, some of which includes these wonderful cycle touring books. I'd like to offer these to good homes among other cycle tourists. I'm willing to send anywhere in the US.* Contact me at kleenguard sonic net.

* If you're outside the US and really want one or two of these books, I think I can handle that shipping. Just can't do the whole kit and caboodle.

Almost all of Anne Mustoe's books. "A Bike Ride" is a classic - in 1987, 53yo headmistress chucks it all and rides from London around the world even though she'd hardly ever ridden a bike. She died in 2009 with her boots on, as it were: she got ill while on tour in Syria at age 76.
CGOABer Don Weinell's Oregon Trail journals turned into a book, and a cycle touring classic by Barbara Savage
Dervla Murphy is one of the mothers of cycle touring. Her most famous book is Full Tilt about her 1965 ride from Ireland to India.
Decent info and advice. I found a bunch of useful ideas here, but these are especially good for folks who are new to riding.

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1 month ago
Graham SmithTo Kathleen Jones

Kathleen a couple of years ago, after reading Marie Kondo’s “Magic of Tidying Up”, I had a major purge of my books. Numerous boxes of books made the short journey from our house to a local charity. I was fairly  ruthless in the cull of the books. Even most of my precious science books went. However, I must confess, I am unable to yet part with quite a few of my cycle touring books. I congratulate you on your willpower at being able let go of these titles, and applaud your generosity of offering them to other cycle tourists. 

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1 month ago
Kathleen JonesTo Graham Smith

Thanks, Graham. Yes, Marie Kondo is responsible for a huge surge in inventory in charity shops over here too. 

It's not easy to let go of these books, but we also have to be ruthless because we plan on moving into a much smaller space than we have now. And I'd rather the books go where they are wanted. Although these days charities aren't accepting donations, not that I blame them.

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1 month ago
Jet AgeTo Kathleen Jones

Quite a selection you've got there. Must be hard to let go of them. I've hardly read any books about cycle touring. Unfortunately I'm in Europe otherwise I'd happily give one of Anne Mustoe's book a new home. Hope you find some great people to share them with!

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1 month ago
Bruce LellmanTo Kathleen Jones

Hi Kathleen,  

I'd love to have the Dervla Murphy book.  Coincidentally, I just finished her book One Foot in Laos which was excellent.  She's legend!!  And then, also coincidentally, Scott Anderson was telling me just the other day that I needed to read Miles from Nowhere so I'd love to have that one too.  I am not sure how to contact you so here is my email address:

Thank you for being so ruthless in your housecleaning and so generous as to offer these books to others.  

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1 month ago
Kathleen JonesTo Bruce Lellman

Hi Bruce,

I'll be glad to send those books. I'll be emailing you.

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4 weeks ago