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Squeaky Brooks - Fixed !

Jean-Marc Strydom

Ever since my wife plonked her rear onto her Brooks B67 it has squeaked like a frightened mouse on any stroke pedaled with intent.  I had tried various suggested remedies without success but chance had me stumbling on the one that has worked for her saddle.  B67s and Flyers are popular saddles amongst cycle tourists so I thought I would share what I did to fix the squeak.

Between the springs at the back and the tensioning bolt at the front is a wishbone shaped thingamabob that moves slightly and rubs on the female connector through which tensioning bolt passes.  A dab of grease at the contact point was all that was needed to shut the saddle up.

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3 months ago
Graham SmithTo Jean-Marc Strydom

Jean well diagnosed and cured. 
I recently also had a case of annoying squeaky Brooks saddle. Initially I blamed pedals, cranks and BB but eventually worked out the real source. The B17 saddle! I wasn’t quite as specific in sourcing the cause as you. I dabbed a few drops of light oil on every metal edge I could see under the saddle, and then applied a generous amount of dubbin to the leather. Problem fixed. Squeak gone and the bike is humming along.
Now I just have to fix the squeaking and clicking joints of the ageing rider. 

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3 months ago