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Smooth pavement, clean, wide shoulders.

Kelly Iniguez

We are three weeks into a tour of Michigan and Wisconsin. Michigan has been EXCEPTIONAL for having freshly paved roads and clean, clean roadways. 

Most of my riding has been in the west. Typical roads are cracked and crumbling, with small shoulders. The amount of trash roadside is a disgrace. 

I've always thought that the cracked roadways were because of the winter freeze cycle. That must not hold true, because it certainly freezes in Michigan!

That is the background story - the actual question is if there are other states that have such inviting roads to ride.

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5 days ago
Graham SmithTo Kelly Iniguez

Kelly not a direct answer to your question, but a similar observation about state road quality in Australia. On a recent cycle tour  which crossed four state borders, the most marked differences in road quality were going from South Australia to Western Australia.

 As soon as we crossed the border, there was a wider shoulder and better surface. We were on the same national highway 1, but obviously one state spent more than the other on the road. Probably the state with most mining royalty revenue. 

Roadside litter was awful along most major roads. South Australia was marginally better. For many years they have had a refund scheme for drink bottles and cans. 

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5 days ago
marilyn swettTo Kelly Iniguez

Kelly -I think you were on the better roads in Michigan! We did a tour a few years ago that took us in the eastern part of the state nearer to Lake Huron. The roads were awful - in the cities as well as in the country. We were told that was due to the freeze/thaw cycle as well as the state/counties not spending money on road maintence. Perhaps they keep things smoother where there are more tourists???

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5 days ago