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From My C&O and GAP Pandemic Tour by Tom Bilcze

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Al Burnard commented on The high 5s

I always appreciate your end of tour wrap up Tom. It's very helpful to know what worked, places to eat and stay and upcoming trail closures. As always, the narrative and photos are excellent! Thanks!

2 years ago
Al Burnard commented on a photo in Familiar stomping ground

I can see why that's a favorite spot with the dense green of the rhododendron against the beech with their yellow leaves. Very nice.

2 years ago
Paul Mulvey commented on Coming up short

Tom - don't beat yourself up about taking the shuttle. I used to always like to ride every hill and didn't consider I did the tour unless I climbed the hill on my bike. I just completed my journal on my "Backyard Tour" around NW Georgia and, well, I walked 1.5 hills this trip. Oh, yeah, and then there was the climb up to Myrtle Hill cemetery - add another to that number. Now, I don't worry about it. Look at what you're doing - you just completed all those miles from Georgetown and enjoying the adventure. Keep going, you!

2 years ago
Paul Mulvey commented on Ready, set...

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2 years ago
David Ziccardi commented on The perfect weather is on a roll

If you are interested and haven't done so before, you can take a short detour off the GAP from near Perryopolis to Layton to see the house that was Buffalo Bill's house in "The Silence of the Lambs." (The basement scenes were filmed at a sound stage.) A little over a mile before you reach Whitsett, you will see a bridge over the trail and a gravel parking lot on your left. Go up the short hill from the parking lot, make a right at the top, go through the short tunnel and across the bridge. Continue following the road passed the canoe rental place and eventually across the railroad tracks, then make the first right onto Circle Rd. across from the auto repair place. The house is the right there on the right, with the caboose on the property. Maybe a mile or so each way. The house just went on the market again. For just under $300,000 it can be yours!

2 years ago
Lucinda Miller commented on The perfect weather is on a roll

I so enjoy your accountings of each day #behindthebars and #offthebike! Thanks for this blog, Tom!

2 years ago
Al Burnard commented on a photo in The most perfect day

That beautiful sky tells the story of your day! Wow!

2 years ago
Susan Carpenter commented on a photo in Ready, set...

Seems a bit outrageous to charge $20 to lay your bike on the floor.

2 years ago
Al Burnard commented on Ready, set...

Thanks for keeping us up to date! I was wondering if you were taking Amtrak to DC. Solves the mystery :) Wishing you beautiful autumn weather and a thoroughly enjoyable tour!

2 years ago
Rachael Anderson commented on Why I tour the C&O Canal Trail and GAP

Hope all goes well for you!

2 years ago