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From Down Pat by Fit Steve

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Andrea Brown commented on Back to Hong Kong

Good luck, Steve. I hope your plans and dreams coalesce the way you want them to. We left Bangkok today too. Sooooooo hot 🥵!

1 week ago
Bill Shaneyfelt commented on I Found Myself in Thailand

Cycle tour till you die... or till, like me, your knees quit working. Then just cycle local unloaded as long as possible. I am 78 and just today got the ok to go off a statin drug I have been taking since my widowmaker 13 years ago.

Eat right and never quit exercising... Yeah, I also do pushups nightly. My streak of 100 or more is currently 2687 consecutive days. Hang in there, you will get it.

1 week ago
Fit Steve commented on Don't Buy a Condo Unless You Live There

Thanks for that comment Bill, I greatly appreciate it. Yes that's pretty much the spirit

1 week ago
Bill Shaneyfelt commented on Don't Buy a Condo Unless You Live There

Status... "Keeping up appearances" Good you are learning to value your own status and not trying to impress anyone else... Not with money, not with accomplishments, not with talent, not with athletic ability.

Be comfortable in your own skin. You live in it, nobody else does. Do what is right, even when nobody is looking because character is what really counts. And to be clear, that will usually end up impressing those who would push you to do otherwise anyhow.

Not that my opinion actually matters, but I just thought it might encourage you to keep on keeping on.

1 week ago
Bill Shaneyfelt commented on a photo in Act Like You Know The Place!

So much weight on that "rack" -I suspect not designed for it and will eventually fatigue and break-

Perhaps some enterprising hack might be able to design some light fold down braces from the center of the rack to the hub?

1 month ago