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From Me China Red by Marian Rosenberg

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Marian Rosenberg replied to a comment by Andy Peat on a photo in D11: 香坊 → 直罗

Not sure. It might be hard to find the landlord.

4 days ago
Andy Peat commented on a photo in D11: 香坊 → 直罗

Oh, I love this building. When can I move in?

4 days ago
Marian Rosenberg replied to a comment by Daniel Tynan on The Police

Even the strictest of western lockdowns hasn't begun to approach the way the Chinese lockdowns (which I mercifully avoided by virtue of being stuck in Thailand) were done.

Furthermore, the level of contact tracing done is insane. Maybe two months ago a man in Chengdu who was later diagnosed as asymptomatic had lunch in the same airport restaurant as two women who later flew to Hainan. Within hours of the man being diagnosed, the women and their entire tour group were put into quarantine.

1 week ago
Daniel Tynan commented on The Police

"the biggest factor in its ability to control the pandemic has been that China didn't have to deal with it showing up in a hundred cities all at once." Thanks for the insight Marian. . I've always been wondering how China apparently manages covid so well. . (we are entering our 3rd western style loose lockdown in Canada today). But yeah it makes sense that they were able to mostly isolate Covid to certain cities and did not have infected people coming into every city across the nation at once like in Canada.

1 week ago
Marian Rosenberg replied to a comment by Graham Finch on a photo in X1: Life in the City

When I went from waaay too big and steel with 700c wheels to comically undersized titanium with 26" wheels, it was like apples and oranges.

The differences are much more subtle this time around. Also, I didn't ride enough for anything to hurt.

3 weeks ago
Graham Finch commented on a photo in X1: Life in the City

How does the bike (and your body) feel after a day riding it? It seems like you won't get a stiff neck, what with the stem being up there. Are you happy with drop bars?

Good luck with the law suit!

3 weeks ago