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From Three Seasons Around France: Autumn by Scott Anderson & Rachael Anderson

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Suzanne Gibson commented on Slideshows

What a great idea! Beautiful slideshows. I'll have to copy your idea!

2 months ago
Keith Classen commented on a photo in Rachael’s Hike in Pezenas

Hi Rachael - just doing some research of this area as are heading in that direction. Gorgeous looking area. Great photos capturing its beauty.

4 months ago
Angela Naef replied to a comment by Scott Anderson on Looking back

It would be fun to meet up at some point. If we do go to Italy, we would start in Sicily to see Elvis. He is a young man that worked with us about 7 years ago. Not a very Italy name, but apparently his parents were fans. So if we both end up in Sicily the second half of April it could happen!

1 year ago
Scott Anderson replied to a comment by Suzanne Gibson on Team Anderson meets up with a CycleBlazer or twelve

That was my reaction too. It’s great to see the whole gallery here in one place. I suspect this is a page I’ll revisit many times.

1 year ago
Suzanne Gibson commented on Team Anderson meets up with a CycleBlazer or twelve

What a wonderful set of pictures! I don't think they all had made it into your journal, of if so and I just forgot them, it was great to see them all again and be reminded of all the fun times we and others had with you two.

1 year ago
Janice Branham commented on Team Anderson meets up with a CycleBlazer or twelve

Scott and Rachael, we're thrilled to be on this roster. Discovering Cycle Blaze has opened up new thinking about cycle touring for us. What a fabulous community. Looking forward to meeting more CBers on future travels. Hope you both enjoy a little break from the daily journal demands.

1 year ago
Keith Adams commented on a photo in Team Anderson meets up with a CycleBlazer or twelve

The odds of anything in particular occurring are 50/50: either it happens, or it doesn't. :)

1 year ago
Susan Carpenter commented on Team Anderson meets up with a CycleBlazer or twelve

Thanks for sharing - I loved them all!!! And I will always treasure the time spent in the company of you, Rachael and each of the other CycleBlazers I’ve met over the past 15 months. I’m looking forward to any and all future CB meet-ups.

1 year ago
Scott Anderson replied to a comment by Emily Sharp on Looking back

Yup, it was all good. The UK was much better than I’d imagined, and I hope we get a chance to return some summer. And France of course is hard to quarrel with. I’d say about 2/3 of our experience in France this year was new to us, which is of course a wonderful thing about bike travel - you don’t use a place up because you’ve zipped through the whole thing with a car. There are large parts of the country we’ve not really explored.

We have looked at South America, China, Thailand and South Africa so many times over the years, and have had pretty serious, detailed plans on the table for some of them more than once. I think at this point in our lives though none of them are likely to happen. If we were going to have done so it should have been when we were a decade or so younger. I do hope we can get back to both Japan and Taiwan though.

1 year ago
Scott Anderson replied to a comment by Angela Naef on Looking back

That’s very observant to notice my light had gone missing! I definitely noticed its absence and will be glad to be carrying it again.

I’ll be interested to see where you’re going next spring if you make it to Italy, because that’s our destination too. Pretty big country, but stranger things have happened than to have our paths cross somewhere.

1 year ago
Amber Starfire commented on Looking back

Lovely reflection and recap of your incredible adventure. I actually teared up reading it. And, since I'm one of those who didn't get around to reading all your blog posts, I'm looking forward to the monthly highlights.

1 year ago
Amber Starfire commented on Well, that was fun

I wish you a (belated) Happy Birthday!!

I enjoyed reading your humorous approach to your travels home. Welcome back, and I'm glad everything went relatively smoothly. A long day traveling like that always leaves me in Zombie mode.

1 year ago
Scott Anderson replied to a comment by George Hall on Looking back

Thanks for the comment, George. It really was an excellent adventure top to bottom, better than we’d hoped.

1 year ago
Angela Naef replied to a comment by Rachael Anderson on Looking back

Thank you for the reply. We are ready to purchase and noticed Scott’s light had disappeared in the videos. Your information is very helpful. You guys really put things to the test! We are hoping to ride in Italy or France at the end of April, May and part of June. Thank you again for the inspiration and all the great information you share.

1 year ago
Emily Sharp commented on Looking back

This seemed like a very successful tour, and it's always nice to be in that space of having the sense of accomplishment but also looking forward to the future. It seemed like England and Wales were really nice surprises and France a pleasant confirmation of past experience. Would you consider any touring in Central or Southeast Asia or Northern Africa going forward? Or any other non-western countries? With England and Wales such a nice surprise, are you considering any more tours of places that are new to you instead of old favourites?

1 year ago