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Kelly Iniguez


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Forty Two Miles A Day And Going Nowhere. 192
I'm as loose as a Type A person can be. 19
Eschewing glitz and glamour 13
Near Paradise after 30 years of marriage 49
Six days until Taos 21
The Granny Panties Tour 43
S24O to Redstone, CO 3
Colorado Independence 6
Climbing and Cruising in Central Colorado 9
There Ain't No Air In This Air! 15
The Mountain Goat Tour 16
Grand Mesa, CO loop 2011 4
Wolf Creek Loop 2010 4
Slumgullion Tour 2010 4
Expanded Slumgullion Tour 2009 16
Four Weeks in Oregon and Idaho - Summer 2006 57
Following the Lewis and Clark Trail 2005 37


I started bicycle touring in 1992 with an organized border to border ride with a girlfriend, riding a diamond frame bicycle. I've tried many types of bicycles, riding a tandem and even a triplet with the kids when they were little. In 1998 I  admitted that rear end pain issues were interfering with my cycling fun. I went recumbent. 

I've gone from organized SAG rides, to organized camping rides, to self contained camping, and now to self organized motel/restaurant touring. 

I tour with my husband, Jacinto, and with friends new and old. 

The Cycle Blaze community has been welcoming. I look forward to becoming part of the family.

Monument Valley, 2020, during our border to border ride.