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May 8, 2023

T-7: Monday

Nothing like a nice cooling rain
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Got up in the morning for a rainy day ride to a building which is currently called the "Haikou Citizen Tourism Center" in English but—as part of the province-wide Public-Facing Translation Improvement Campaign I accidentally kicked off in February¹—may be getting a new name soon on account of someone that I absolutely swear wasn't me complaining about it not being accurate².

I'm going there to pick up my renewed Residence Permit which will still end up being the wrong length (I was supposed to get five years back in 2021) but is also the "we don't actually hate you³, we just have our own completely illogical way of doing things" 364-day length.

At the end of last year's Tour, I vowed not to put weight back on. I would say that this pair of automatic ID photos is indicative of my success.
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After this I first head to Roxy's for a tonic Americano and a blue-cheese cheeseburger then A-to-Z for more work on Medicinal Bathing and to start on a documentary on Mt. Taishan that will be due on May 17. 

I should be heading home early enough to pick up preTour shopping packages from the courier stations near my apartment, but I've still got multiple items in transit and I try to limit the number of times I go.

So far I've gotten a new headlight, a pair of linkable Bluetooth speakers that will give me a surround sound experience, a couple of smaller powerbanks, a new top tube bag, a really comprehensive patch kit, new gloves, a bag specially for the Coffee Kit, a miniature hotplate⁴, a smaller Vaude pannier, some really awesome socks, new leg covers to protect the big tattoo from UV, an additional multi-socket for USB-C cables, and some extra tough charging cables.


¹ On the last Tour, for my second ever time as a nationally trending topic online (well, technically my third, but it's generally best to pretend that the local Hash House Harriers midnight run in the nude never happened), as I came into Haitang Bay, I saw a street sign that, instead of saying "no fatigue driving," said "do fatigue driving." It took less than 12 hours from posting the video to being picked up by Official Media, repair crews were out there two days later, and while it's entirely possible that Round Two of the English Sign Improvement Campaign was in fact going to be launched "sometime soon," that "soon" was rather rapidly moved up to five days after my post.

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² In all honesty, I loathe this translation and I have been known to bitch about it on the regular. However, I don't see a way of having a name that is both a more accurate description of the building and is a one-to-one match with the Chinese name.

³ It's referred to as that because a 366-day RP would cost twice as much as a 364-day one.

⁴ I still prefer my gas burner for making coffee, but, in the words of my lawyer friend, sharing videos of me "ignoring Chinese fire code probably isn't the best idea"

Today's ride: 15 km (9 miles)
Total: 33 km (20 miles)

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