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May 18, 2023

R1: 英利

The coffee kit has a new bag!
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Rather a bit embarrassing isn't it to be taking a day off one whole day after I started, isn't it?

The gassy not quite upset stomach level digestion issues I've been dealing with since Sunday haven't completely resolved themselves, my crotch has informed me that the washing machine at my Airbnb wasn't enough to make the same pair of shorts two days in a row a not terrible idea, and I still have almost 100 pages left in Tibetan Medical Bathing.

More importantly, the hotel room I slept in last night is absurdly well insulated and, even with the a/c off since 6:30am, it stayed cool until past 5pm.

Finding my location in the Atlas
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Seriously though, I kind of overdid it yesterday, particularly with the being out at solar noon and the running out of drinking water and—even if I hadn't had the very real excuse of work that still needs finishing—I wasn't yet ready for another full day of riding.

Tomorrow's goal, courtesy of over an hour spent wrestling with the Antiquities Atlas is the Zhushan Paifang which is gonna be all sorts of fun to find on account of not being on any electronic maps.

First, I needed to find my location in the Guangdong Atlas. Except that, as seen on the picture above, the mapmakers didn't bother with piffling little insignificant things like roads or most town names. Also, the maps aren't ordered by names (alphabetical or stroke order), don't seem to be ordered geographically, and the County-level municipality I'm in had a different name in 1988.

Finally, both the Fortress and the early Republican era memorial which I was using to orient myself—although important enough to make it into electronic maps as Heritage Sites—aren't in the Atlas 

Finding myself on the map
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Once I found myself, and took screenshots (because I couldn't natively zoom in to the point where I could read the text), I then had to contend with the Indices. At the very least, once I found my county (I won't go in to how long that took), I only had to skim through the first character in the name of every recognized Site in the county (because, pffffft, why use a definable pattern when listing sites?) until I got to the one near me.

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At which point—having already determined that no such Named Antiquity existed online—I also got to discover that they fucking changed the name of the village and there is no longer any place named Zhushan within 50km of me!

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