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January 11, 2022

JFK Park

My feet are achy, and so are various other joints and muscles.  They remind me that it’s been a few days since I’ve had a true rest day - so while Rachael cranks out another 47 riding up Oro Valley I decide to loaf.  Ever since we arrived in town I’ve mentioned to Rachael that I was going to bike out to the fishing pond in J.F. Kennedy Park to check out the bird situation.  No better time.

So, no interesting ride to report; just some bird pics.  Well, some bird pics plus one other.  Ms. Grumby asked what the covering was on the warehouse roof in that snow-like scene I snapped last week, so I stopped by to check it out.  It’s canvas, or perhaps some heavy plastic; and once I looked around I noticed many other structures wrapped the same way, something that had escaped my notice before now.  I wonder what this is about - maybe they’re to reflect more sunlight and reduce air conditioning requirements?

So now you know, Ms. Grumby.
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Killdeer, in the nearly dry Santa Cruz River.
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In Kennedy Park the bird scene looks much as it did last winter: hundreds of doves and grackles on the land and many coots on the pond, with a few others strewn in the mix.
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A redhead,
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A ring-necked duck. So why this name, rather than a ring-billed duck?
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Two redheads.
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A female redhead I think, or possibly a ring-necked duck.
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One of those hundreds of coots, showing off his impressive feet.
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A shoveler.
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A coot also I assume, though it’s lacking the yellow-green legs and white beak. An immature?
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I was really pleased with this photo of a black-chinned hummingbird.
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But I was even happier with this one.
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Today's ride: 15 miles (24 km)
Total: 1,506 miles (2,424 km)

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Bruce LellmanAgain, some great bird shots!
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