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May 31, 2021

Day 3 - pick up ride LeRoy to Morton

I got up for good at 6:00am this morning.  My knees were in pretty bad shape. I knew by now that I couldn't bicycle today. I wasn't even sure I could get packed up and the tent down. But slowly, I was able to do both.

Before I'd started this trip, I'd arranged to visit my sister Laurie and brother-in-law Bill on my way home today, since they've just moved to Bloomington from Springfield, Missouri. Last night I'd texted Laurie about my arrival here, but hadn't told her the shape I was in. Even so, typical for Laurie, she'd offered to come get me for a comfy night's sleep at their house. I'd texted "no" then, but would need her help today, which would work well since they now have a truck.

At 8:08am I sent my "need help" text to Laurie. No hurry, of course.

8:40am - I had time for breakfast
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9:33am - ready to be rescued
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It was so good to see Laurie, who I hadn't seen since March 2019. Laurie did most of the loading work, and had me home in Morton by 11:00am. Laurie and Tahdra visited some while I moved around slowing unpacking essentials while not bending my knees. I took a shower next, then a long afternoon nap. That helped. I was able to telework Tuesday, and by Wednesday, I was mowing the lawn - all back to normal!

One concern I had Monday was on future longer trips, I may be unable to bicycle and be far away from "come and get me" help. But then I thought it through: I typically recover from these flare-ups in two to three days. If I'm not on a schedule (like if I'm retired), I could just sit and wait it out. So look for more bicycling trip reports in the future.



Memorial Day weekend - 84 miles total
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