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The route

The rough route I will take. It's about 17,000kms
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The general consensus is to cycle anti-clockwise when doing a lap of Australia. This is to take advantage of the weather conditions.

Most of my cycling will be on bitumen roads. I am also happy to take dirt roads. Three large sections of dirt roads I will take are: Cape York, QLD (750kms), The Gibb River Road, WA (650kms), and The Munda Biddi Trail, WA (1,000kms).

I want to travel along the coast as much as possible. In addition, I don’t want to cycle over the same route as my previous attempt. So for the first 1,000kms or so, I will cycle inland until I arrive at the coast at Coffs Harbour, NSW.

I plan to depart about 15 February and arrive home in December.

I only have two main time targets I want to try to achieve.

My first target is to arrive in Cairns, QLD, about May or June. This is the end of the wet season and the beginning of the dry season.

The Cape York area, north of Cairns, is unpassable during the wet season. I need to ride this area soon after the wet season has finished so there is still water in the creeks. I must rely on these creeks for drinking water (The same creeks are also inhabited by scary crocodiles!).

My second time target is to arrive in Norseman, WA, about August or September. At this time, the winds are predominantly westerlies. This will make crossing the Nullarbor a little easier.

My rough estimate of progress around this big country.
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It is difficult to estimate my progress accurately on such a vast and varied route. Some days I may only ride 40kms, other days I may ride 150kms. This depends on the weather, terrain, my fitness, and tourist activities.

Most of the maps I will use.
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Mike AylingGreat to see people still using paper maps!

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3 months ago
Vince McCarthyThere will be many times I won't have phone reception, and google maps isn't 100% reliable, and paper maps don't need batteries.

I look forward to getting off the highways and using the maps. :)
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3 months ago

The two big books on the left were used to plan my route and free tourist activities. These books will stay at home with Serena.

The middle maps I'll carry with me for navigation.  I’m waiting for another 3 maps to arrive in the mail.

The maps on the right are for the Munda Biddi Trail near Perth.

I will only carry the relevant map with me as I ride. Serena will bring me the maps as I need them.

I invite you to please contact me to let me know of any coastal routes I could take, or roads that I should avoid. Also let me know of any activities you think I may enjoy.

I also welcome occasional kind words of encouragement. It really helps keep me motivated especially during arduous times. Thank you

PS. I won't be including Tasmania as part of this ride. Serena and I did a ride around Tasmania for our first bike touring ride in 2012.  (This isn’t on CB yet)

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Rachael AndersonWow! What a trip. We are from Portland, OR and spent 6 weeks touring Victoria and Tasmania and telecommuting Melbourne for 3 weeks in 2006. We are definitely planning to go back.
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2 months ago
Vince McCarthyHi Rachel, my only knowledge of Portland comes from The Sprocket podcast. I'm keen to visit. It sounds like a bike friendly place.
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2 months ago