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April 8, 2021

Day 52: Lowmead to Benaraby.

Start: 8:35am
Distance: 90kms
Ride time: 5:16hrs
Average: 17km/hr
Max: 47km/hr 
Finish: 3:30pm

Bill identified yesterday's grasshopper as a female swayer katydid. Thanks Bill!

I was woken during the night 5 times due to a passing train. Grr.

The day started off with sunshine and blue skies.

I had 5kms of bitumen and then I had 20kms of gravel. It was in good condition.
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I had forgotten to fill up my water bottles at the pub so I filled them up at a school on the other side of town.

It came from a tank and I incorrectly assumed it was rainwater. When I drank some I realised it was yukky tasting bore water.

I kept riding and came across the small and fast flowing Granite Creek. 

Excellent, I refilled my bottles with this water.
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When I first stopped I saw an Eastern water dragon run into the scrub.

I decided to have a little rest here and munched on an apple. While I was doing this, the lizard slowly emerged from the scrub enough for me to get this good pic.

He must have lost his tail and is regrowing it.
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Then it was time to get back on the bike. 

After a short time, the bitumen returned.
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I made it Miriamvale in time for lunch. I had an average chicken burger. I should have gone somewhere else but I was too lazy.

After lunch, it was time to get on the Bruce Highway again with all of the traffic. 

This is the first mention of Cairns. Cairns will be my next catch up with Serena.
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I continued riding to Bororen where I had a delicious and large caramel milkshake. That made up for the poor lunch.

I had some nice mountains on my left. Luckily I didn't have to climb them today.
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Crossing the Boyne River in Benaraby.
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I made camp at Greenacres Motel Van Park. $20.
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The owner asked me if I got caught in the rain storm that passed near by. I hadn't, I was just drenched in perspiration. Kinda funny and kinda gross.

While I made camp, the neighbour's horses came over to investigate what I was doing.
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These male rainbow lorikeets were being fed by a park resident. They're so pretty!
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Annie O'SheaYou're in low lying country that's the reason for so many mozzies plus they've had heaps of rain recently. You made good time getting there. Cheers
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1 month ago

I washed my clothes and hung them out to dry. And then it rained. Grrrr!

And there are a bazillion mozzies here. Grrr!

Today's ride: 90 km (56 miles)
Total: 2,434 km (1,512 miles)

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