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June 14, 2022

Good Lord, It's Cold!

Another lazy morning after a good night's sleep.
Mary and I had rhubard cake for breakfast with hardboed eggs.
Got packed up and collected all my things from all over.
That's what happens when you stop for a while.

Mary and John on the Way Out of Baker City
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Then Mary rode out to the edge of town to see me off.
What a wonderful visit! Despite the rain and the cold.
Realized that we had been friends for 50 - Fifty! - years.

Union Pacific Freight Train with a Smidgen of a View of the Elkhorns
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Juanny Heading Out
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Lordy, lordy - was it cold.
Found out later that it was 47F with a stiff north wind.
I could never get warm, but the tailwind helped.
But I didn't dare stop for fear of freezing to death - in June.

Eastern Oregon Desert Scenery after a Wet Spring
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Finally, the sun started to make an occasional appearance.
Even 15 minutes let me warm up enough to feel civilized.
The tiny community of Durkee was lovely - set against the green hills.
A short lunch break out of the wind gave me a boost.

Farmhouse and Sheep Grazing at Durkee
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Cabin and Corrals at Durkee
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There is a stretch where you have to ride on I-84.
There's a wide shoulder - with all the expected interstate debris.
The ride thru Burnt River Canyon was safe and fast, but meh.
Glad to get off I-84 and back on Old Highway 30.

Burnt River Canyon from Old Highway 30
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More Wind Power on the Ridge Lines
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Huntington was a sad little town that had lost its historic block.
It burned down about 5 years ago - all that's left is rubble.

What's Left of Historic Huntington
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Had a lemonade break and then hopped on the bike again.
Got to Farewell Bend at 3:30 - which is usually far too early to stop.

The Snake River at Farewell Bend
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Decided to stay, anyway, and just be lazy.

Today's ride: 50 miles (80 km)
Total: 468 miles (753 km)

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