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April 24, 2017

With The Lime Stone Cowboys

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Up, up, up, thrust the hills, conceived by mother nature, built of calcified limes, over the eons. From, the rice fields, green like emeralds, seen from a distance in neutral light, these hills rise alone and in unison with their peers, to create an area of stunning beauty, that simultaneously brings a smile to my mouth, in spite of a pain in my heart, and a tear to my right eye, that though possible due to a dust particles lodging in my eye, like an old man staying in an urban hotel, if not for the lack of wind.

I ride twisting, the road like a long string of liquorice, remembered from a happy summer day of my childhood. Like a Boing 737 in heavy turbulence I violently rise and fall in a continuous, and oft repeated cycle, until at last I am out of the hills. My heart has soared, my eyes have poured, I have felt joys, of the girls and boys that feel such things.

I arrive in the city of Nihn Bihn, a city that strangely sounds nothing that you'd imagine it would. Would you expect ice cream to be hot, or a dentist to fix an ingrown hair on you cheek? I think not.

Today's ride: 55 km (34 miles)
Total: 126 km (78 miles)

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