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May 3, 2017

Ha Tien

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From a distance, the height of the skyscraper, both confounded and intrigued me. At a distance of 11 km, it appeared to be floating alone in a sea of marigolds, higher than even the church steeple's that, in smaller city's are normally the tallest structures, which is vaguely odd, as I had been refused many times in my attempts to buy bananas, as they are for praying, and not for eating, as I did plan to spread one on a piece of bread along with peanut butter, and make a simple, yet delicious sandwich, that reminds me of those youthful summer days, when one had no cares, no worries, no job, no nothing, except a potentially bright future, thanks to familial connections.
Sadly, heartbreakingly sadly, like a first girlfriend in a young man's life, who does not understand that she is the young man's girlfriend, and goes about in a manner that would bring shame upon the young man, and his family, except he had never spoken to the girl, on thought, and sometimes dreamed of speaking to he, but always backed down at the last minute due to a self loathing issue, that was probably caused from watching too much television, there is not a KFC in Ha Thien, only a Jollibee's.

I order C1, two pieces of chicken, French fries, and a Pepsi. Later, I will return to the front counter and order an ice cream that will end up disappointing me, in the same way a cats love for itself, brings disappointment to it's owner, who remains alone, in his room watching another episode of Croc Gold Hunters on the Discovery channel, as his cat is more concerned with sleeping, and that occasional lick, to the spot where his balls used to be.

Today's ride: 61 km (38 miles)
Total: 491 km (305 miles)

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