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April 28, 2021

Day 20 - Slidell to Hammond

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The first half of today's route was on the Tammany Trace Trail.  It's a 31 miles long rail-trail conversion and the only rail trail in Louisiana.  It runs from Slidell to Covington through several small towns.  

The Tammany Trace Trail
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It was well marked for users' safety
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The first town west of Slidell is Lacombe.  This body of water is the Lacombe Bayou and empties into Lake Pontchartain.

Lacombe Bayou
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This swing drawbridge was built for the trail in 2008.

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There was lots of wetland along the trail.

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A newly paved section was wonderfully smooth.

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Coming into Mandeville, there was a short tunnel under the road.  (For our Citrus County readers, I think this is what is going under 41 to connect to the Dunnellon extension.)

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The town of Mandeville was very pretty and had something of a resort feel.  We later realized that we were only blocks from Lake Pontchartain and we never rode down to see it.

The next little town was Abita Springs.  It was also a pretty town and had a beautiful trailhead and trail museum (closed of course) with extensive landscaping.  (You can tell I was very remiss in my picture taking.)

This is the Abita River.

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And I have no more pictures from today.  After the trail, we rode 30 more uneventful miles into Hammond.  We were both tired after our 60 mile ride, but took a short walk to Wal-Mart to stock up on supplies and replace the pepper spray we had to surrender at the Canadian border a few years ago.  After my last dog encounter, I don't want to ride through Louisiana without at least the chance of protection from loose dogs.

Today's ride: 60 miles (97 km)
Total: 909 miles (1,463 km)

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