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June 7, 2020

Day 8 - Don't eat to much if you have 30 more miles to ride

I think this is the Tennessee river. It was a large river and wet.
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This entry is being made 2 days late because of lack of internet service. I . will try to remember what went down. We rode to Hoenwald(spelling) today. It was hot and it was long. Thank God for Gatorade. We stopped for lunch late in the day. Up to that point I was feeling really strong. Jeanna had stopped at a Piggly Wiggly. I pulled up and bought 2 bananas, which I inhailed. Kerry pulled up about 6 minutes later and we decided to grab lunch at a Mexican restaurant. I let my eyes decide what to eat instead of my stomach. We rolled out of the restaurant and still had 30 miles to go. I was cooking with gas for the next 30 miles.

This turtle was in the middle of the road. I picked him up and noticed he had skuff marks on the bottom of his shell and a small chip of his shell was bloodied. He must have gotten grazed. Hey folks: If you see a turtle in the road, stop and get him off the road and into the woods. Remember: Turtle lives matter!
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I nice wild flower.
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Keith A. SpanglerLove your “seeing”
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