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July 19, 2020

Day 50 - Chisholm, MN to Orr, MN


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We rode today into one of the strongest persistent headwinds by which we've ever  been challenged.  The forecast was for 15-25 mph winds.  When we dragged into the motel, the proprietor told us the wind speed was more like 40 mph.  We believed it!

We knew before we left this morning that we had 43 miles without stops for restrooms or snacks.  We were prepared for that.  If it weren't for the wind, it wouldn't have been a bad ride at all.

We started with a ride through Chisholm, which is an attractive town just a few miles from Hibbing.  Kerry had read about their avenue of flags and routed us that way.  Its called the "Bridge of Peace" and is lined with international and US state flags.

Street in downtown Chisholm
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Mural downtown
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The Bridge of Peace
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Flags line both sides of the causeway.
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The avenue with downtown and water tower in the distance
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I didn't take many pictures at all after we left town.  I was busy holding on and trying not to move with the bike as it swayed!

There were homes along the road for several miles north of Chisholm.  It's been a little while since we saw any farms.  We noticed this one with a large barn.

House and barn
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The soybeans in this field were not nearly so lush as other beans we've seen on this trip.
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As we rode north, we entered forest.  We started seeing signs and billboards for things named "Far North - something".  I guess we're now really in the far north of Minnesota.

The road was heavily wooded on both sides.
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A beaver lodge
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Entering the Sturgeon River State Forest
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As we neared Orr, a Canadian National track paralleled the road some distance away. These are track maintenance cars.
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Kerry here...  Directly across from out motel are railroad tracks.  From the number of trains that have passed, I would say it is a CN mainline.  I have enjoyed watching an oil unit train headed west (presumably empty and headed to Alberta??) and several mixed trains of lumber, grain, fertilizer and ore headed east (presumably to ports on Lake Superior).

Today's ride: 43 miles (69 km)
Total: 1,450 miles (2,334 km)

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Jayme JohnsonGood Morning Jeanna and Kerry, I drove home to Little Falls in the wind you bucked all day and thought of you. Heading south on 71 I met the solo rider from the Twin Cities area (not recalling his name just now) coming north - presumably to International Falls. If I may, I can recommend a few dining places while in Borderland. The Coffee Landing Cafe on main street International Falls and The Cantilever and Rainy Lake Grill in Ranier a few miles east of International Falls. If the Koochiching Co. Historical Society Museum is open, you might check out the collection of model Rainy Lake wooden boats my father (Buck Johnson) built in the later years of his life. Wishing you safe travels and tailwinds.
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