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July 17, 2020

Day 48 - Grand Rapids, MN

A day in town

We are taking a day off in Grand Rapids today.  Our motel is very nice and after Denny's, it seems like the Ritz!  At breakfast, we got some history from the general manager.  It  started life in the late 50's or early 60's as the Holiday Village Motel.  By the time the current owner purchased it five years ago, it had deteriorated into a rent by the hour place with a serious drug problem.  The new owner completely gutted and renovated the property.  It is great now.  

The front of the Hotel Rapids with a patio for outdoor seating
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The open air bistro off the patio. I assume that they lower that overhead door in every season except summer. This is where we had breakfast.
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Keith A. SpanglerNo that is styling.
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3 weeks ago
Our room is comfortable and well furnished. It even has a full complement of bed and bath linens!
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Updated bath - there is also a rain shower with a seat. I couldn't get a decent picture of it.
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After breakfast, we walked around downtown.

Grand Rapids Central School served the community from 1895-1972. It now houses locally owned shops.
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Central School
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City Hall - still serving it's original purpose since 1928.
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I thought this looked like an old hotel building.
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It is.
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One block of downtown.
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The plaque on the front says "Paul Bunyan's Chair". Paul Bunyan is big around here ;-).
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Residential street just two blocks from the business district
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We had fun walking around and exploring the town.
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