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Day 12 - Grand Rivers to Elizabethtown - John

This entry is being made on 6/12/2020. We did not have internet service at the cabin in E-town. From what I remember it was a good ride. Kerry had routed us on some great back roads. Again we had great weather.

Just prior to passing through this town we went through the town of Smithland. Kerry told me it was a town where all the men are good looking, and all the women are above average. I think all the hills are starting to effect his limited mental abilities. Maybe he needs to move to Birdsville.
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This is the view from the top of one of the roads Kerry put us on. While I was taking this photo a man came out of his house and said, "Great view aint it". We spoke to him and his wife for about 10 minutes. Very friendly, she tried to feed us lunch. Kerry will have more in his entry.
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"For amber waves of grain"
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This is a ferry which shuttles folks across the Ohio river. Very efficient operation.
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"Cave in Rock" state park.
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This is the view from our cabin "Shady Rest". That is the restaurant we ate at.
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Kerry and Jeanna waiting for the catfish dinner. Stumpknockers is way, way better. The restaurant is on a houseboat.
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After dinner we walked around E-town. This is the police shack. "Boy, you in a big heap of trouble".
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Da Cave.
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Lou HarminThis day is well done. From what I read your trip is both exciting and interesting. But, not for old me. Lou
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