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May 30, 2019

Day 36 Delmar, MD

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After a wonderful visit with good friends, good food and good times, we said goodbye to Ann and Aline this morning.  John rode with us part of the way.

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We had another day of lovely, quiet roads.
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I don't think John was anxious to see us go, but he did escort us to the state line! (I couldn't get Kerry to pose like this with our bike.)
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We've been riding through lots of farms - corn and wheat and soybeans - and lots of chicken barns - but we haven't seen hardly any farm animals.  We saw these guys (girls?) today.

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We've seen a number of farms that practiced no-till farming like this.
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We stopped at a nice bike shop in Delmar before we went to our hotel.  Kerry got a couple of things he needed and talked to the guy there about our trip.  He sounded like he'd like to close up the shop and join us.  Leaving the shop, we saw these folks coming in.  The woman said they had seen us in Snow Hill a few days ago!  They are also tandem cyclists, so we had a great time talking bikes and touring.  This is about the third time on this trip that someone has told us they saw us in another town a few days before.  I guess we do make a memorable sight riding down the road.

Ken and Kathy We really enjoyed meeting you all.
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Tonight was bike maintenance night.  Jeanna had been asking me to adjust her seat for a few days now, but I had been putting her off (husbands tend to do that).  

Today, however, John was giving me some grief  about how slack my timing chain was, so I figured I had better pull some maintenance to keep everyone happy and quiet!!. - Kerry

Just for you John - a properly tension-ed timing chain.
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Today's ride: 37 miles (60 km)
Total: 1,369 miles (2,203 km)

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