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Weighty matters

Team A finished our packing for the trip. You might think a lot of thinking goes into what to take with you on a 100 day ride, but in our case there was very little thinking involved. What there was, was a packing list left over from previous trips.

We bring 2 jerseys, but 3 bike shorts. Why? Because the packing list says so. What size toothpaste should we bring? Check the list.

Once our bags were packed, we went out for a test ride with our friend Boris. The bike handles differently when it's loaded, and takes a bit of getting used to. After a wobbly start, we started getting used to ridding with gear again.

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Boris inspecting the bike.

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After completing our shakedown ride, we brought the bathroom scale down to the driveway to do an official weight check on the loaded bike. It checked in at 90.2 lbs. I suspect that extra 0.2 lbs is because we strayed from the packing list and brought a slightly larger tube of toothpaste than authorized by the list.

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The bike weighs a lot less than I do...

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